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Running Gear Options

Rocking Bolsters Image

Bolsters/Rocking Bolsters

Our heavy duty bolsters let you solidly attach your load from Gravity Bins to Hay Racks. The Rocking Bolster design allows heavy loads some flex and movement reducing stress on the running gear and providing a better ride. Rocking bolsters are standard equipment on all square tube equipped non-suspension running gear.

Rocking bolsters not available on 365E.

Spring Balancer Image

Spring Balancers

For tongue consisting of spring adjustable bolt and two bolt-on brackets.

Brakes Image

Brake Systems

For added safety and stopping power we have brake systems available in drum and disc configurations.

Safety Chain Image

Safety Chains

Our Grade 70 safety chains in 3/8 and 1/2 inch sizes make sure your wagon is secure.

Riser Kit Image

Riser Kits

4" bolt on riser kit for extra bunk height clearance.

Note: other heights available.