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Running Gear Overview

Road Flex Overview

Ideal for high speed tractors our increasing line of ROAD FLEX header wagons, running gear, and trailer chassis use suspension blocks to help eliminate bumps and vibrations when traveling down the road or through the field. ROAD FLEX suspension not only reduces the stress from towing heavy loads but also provides increased stability to Horst wagons. In addition Road Flex suspension provides independent four wheel suspension which eliminates the need for rocking bolsters on our running gear models.

Header Wagon Running Gear Trailer Chassis
Header Wagon
Running Gear
Trailer Chassis
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4-Wheel Models
185RF (10 ton)
205RF (12 ton)
285RF (15 ton)
365RF (20 ton)
485RF (24 ton)

6-Wheel Models
325RF (18 ton)
505RF (22 ton)

8-Wheel Models
308RF (20 ton)
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TR505RF (20 ton)
TR605RF (24 ton)

Our industry leading No-Sway trailing ensures that our wagons follow your lead. Tapered roller bearings on the king pins and automotive style ball joints not only keep our wagons behind you they also provide years of hard working service.

From field to farm Horst Wagons are built to get you there.