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Horst Wagons

Running Gear Features

Horst Wagon Running Gear Features

Running Gear Features

Tongue Latch Feature

Retractable Automatic Relock Tongue Latch with Standard Variable Adjustment

Take the precision work out of hooking up by freely moving the tongue into place and watch it lock into place as soon as it's in motion.

Roller Bearings Feature

Tapered Roller Bearings in Main Pivot Points

Roller bearings keep pivot points tight, ensuring no trailer sway and long-lasting use.

Ball Joint Feature

Automotive Ball Joints

Automotive style ball joints not only keep our wagons behind you, they also provide years of hard working service.

Tandem Axle Feature

Tandem Walking Beam Axle

Ensures weight is evenly distributed on the back wheels across a variety of terrain. Triangulated for increased strength the tandem axle uses two mounts reducing flex under travel.

Quad Steer Feature

Quad Steer Front Wheels

Our dual front axle set provides better weight distribution allowing easier steering and a smoother ride.

Road Flex Suspension Feature

Road Flex

Road Flex suspension uses shock absorbing blocks to reduce the amount of bounce the wagon encounters as it's pulled down the road or across the field. Only available on Road Flex Running Gear models.

Safety Chain Feature

Safety Chains

Our Grade 70 standard equipment safety chains in 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" sizes make sure your wagon is secure.