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C H C F X 50 Header Wagon
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4 Wheel Steer Draper Header Wagon

Maximum Rated Gross Capacity 24,000 lbs.
Wheelbase 43' (Standard)
48' (Optional)
Tongue Length (Adjustable) 11’-10” to 14’-9”
Top Rail Length 52'
Maximum Head Size 50'
Safety Chains Standard
Approx. Weight 7,545 lbs. (less rims and tires)
CHCFXFK Fender kit - keep your header protected from road debris
Tire Size Description Capacity (lbs./Tire) Rim Size
235/75 R17.5 16 Ply 6,005 17.5 x 6.75 x 8

Capacities listed are max tire capacity. See wagon specifications for maximum wagon capacity.