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S H C F 36 Swather Header Wagon
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Swather Draper Heads (4 Wheel Steer)

Accepts Agco, Challenger, Hesston, MacDon and Massey Ferguson brands only

Maximum Rated Gross Capacity 6,600 lbs.
Wheelbase 30'
Tongue Length ADJ. 11' 4" to 14' 4"
Top Rail Length 36'
Bridged Top Rail Standard
Maximum Head Size 35'
Safety Chain Standard
Approx. Weight 2,675 lbs. (less rims and tires)
LK30 Road Signal Light Kit (30' wheelbase)
Tire Size Description Capacity (lbs./Tire) Rim Size
20.5 x 8-10 Load Range F 1,650 10 x 6 x 6

Capacities listed are max tire capacity. See wagon specifications for maximum wagon capacity.