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Horst Wagons

Universal Pads

Universal Pads Header</b><br/><br/>

Universal Pads for Header Wagons

Built on our revolutionary triple-axis base, our new universal pad provides you with flexible pad configurations. Making this single pad the only pad you'll ever need.

This triple adjustment feature ensures that each resting point is perfectly positioned for your draper head.

Universal Pad - Base Pad

Base pad ideal for low profile corn heads or combines with low lifting clearance.

Universal Pad - Large Pad</b><br/><br/>

Standard large pad for draper heads (equivalent to previous model large pad).

Universal Pad - Highback Pad</b><br/><br/>

Highback pad for flex draper head.

Universal Pad - Low Back Pad</b><br/><br/>

Low back pad for standard cutting platform.

Universal Pad - Corn Head Pad</b><br/><br/>

Standard corn head pad with low back.

Note: Universal pads are standard on 4-wheel steer header wagons and are optional on 2-wheel steer models.